What is Clean Business?

Clean Business is a certification given to companies committed to reducing their plastic footprint and making sustainability part of their menu. The certification is designed to communicate and create transparency between business and customer. By showcasing the commitments of each individual business, consumers will become more aware of the impact their money makes regarding the businesses they choose to support.

Takeaway food and drink litter make up almost half of the human-made waste in the ocean. 

What makes a business clean?

A Clean Business is one that aims to eliminate single-use plastic and chooses sustainability over convenience.

To get certified as a Clean Business there are certain criteria to follow, some are mandatory and some are recommendations. Being part of Clean Business means you are committing to fulfill the 10 mandatory criteria and this can be done step by step. Read more about the criteria and learn how we rate a business on our Clean Wave Forecast.  

No Styrofoam

No single-use plastic is used for take-away

No plastic straws

No single-use cutlery, plates, or cups are used for guests eating in

No use or sale of plastic bottles for beverages

Use of local and/or organic products

Vegan and/or Vegetarian options are available

Seafood offered has to be from certified sustainable fisheries and/or supporting local fisherman

Proper recycling of waste

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