About the project

Clean Business is a project created by Clean Ocean Project — an NGO fighting plastic pollution and protecting our seas, which was founded in 2002 on the island of Fuerteventura. After endless cleanups led by the organization, and plastic still washing up on shore, one thing was clear: the tap needed to be closed. Fighting plastic at sea means attacking the problem on land. We need to change our habits and end our single-use throw-away mentality. From this approach, Clean Business was born. 

The main goal of Clean Business is to reduce plastic consumption in the service industry and highlight businesses that are doing so. By making simple guidelines, Clean Business will make it easy to incorporate changes that will reduce both waste and carbon footprint. The certification given to a Clean Business will be visible for customers — and in this way creates transparency, while also holding the business accountable.

Making a good product or service is no longer enough.

“Making a good product or service is no longer enough. Consumers want to know what brands believe in, what their contribution is towards consumers, their employees, society, and the environment

– Louise Morrisey, IPSOS Consumer Behavior expert

Benefits of being a clean business

As a Clean Business there are several benefits aside from doing something good for our oceans. 

* Use of Clean Business marketing tools including window stickers and certification inserts to promote your membership to customers.

* Use of Clean Business logos for restaurant menu, website, and other restaurant marketing materials.

* Business listed with a personal page on Cleanbusiness.org 

* Association with Clean Ocean Project — a local recognized nonprofit with thousands of supporters working hard to keep our ocean healthy and protected!

* Being part of the change, and leading the way towards a more sustainable way to run a business. 

Clean business makes an impact. Reduce plastic pollution

A sustainable future

Clean Business is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were created by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call-to-action to end poverty and protect the planet.

Clean Business actively contributes to the SDG goals to help create a sustainable future for all. Read more about UN SDG’s by clicking here. 


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