Happy Cactus

100% vegan cafeteria
El Cotillo

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Tell us more about your business and what products you offer?

Happy Cactus is a 100% vegan cafeteria with different dishes prepared every day. We only use seasonal products and everything is homemade.

Why did you choose to be a part of Clean Business?

We have the same concept about plastic reduction and the prohibition of single use plastic.

What are you doing to reduce your plastic footprint and be more sustainable?

In our business there is no type of plastic, nor can. All drinks are in glass, there are no single-use plastic containers used for takeaway. And if you come with your cup or container we will be happy to use it for your takeaway meal or drink. 

What are you future goals regarding sustainability?

We would like to start a system of takeaway containers with a deposit. So that our clients can use the same container over and over again. When the client doesn’t need the container anymore they can return it and we give the deposit back to them. 

Why do you find sustainable practices to be important for a business?

Sustainable practices in our business go hand in hand with the vegan concept. We deeply believe that each of us can make a difference.

Is there anything else you want to tell us?

Along with the concept of vegan and 0 plastic, Happy Cactus supports smaller projects such as Tantemani, an association that helps women who have had difficulties in life to empower themselves and return to life. The cactus that represents us comes from this vision: spinose, you have to be resilient.

Support us so we can help more business become a certified Clean Business

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